Knutsford COVID-19 Local Support Group

Our aim is to support our local community amid the COVID-19 outbreak. We are focusing on providing resources, groups and support to anyone in need.

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About Us

Knutsford support group was set up with the aim of supporting our local community amid the COVID-19 outbreak. We focus on providing much needed practical resource, groups and support to anyone that requires helping during these challenging times.

We recognise that whilst COVID-19 may affect everyone, there are some people who are at greater risk than others. Please see the services page for how our volunteers can help.

Mayor Malloy

“We all need to pull together as a community and support everyone.”

Cllr Andrew Malloy

Our Promise To You

Your safety is of paramount importance to us. If you are in any doubt about whether someone is being genuine and claims to be a member of this group and you would like to be reassured, please contact us on any of the details below.

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