Apr 12, 2020

A Big Thank You from Claire

Claire Sawyer would like to thank all of the volunteers who are part of 'We Are Knutsford'


A message from Claire:

From delivering leaflets, prescriptions and Easter eggs to shopping for our most vulnerable, answering phones and emails, donating to the food bank, organising help for folks to just being an ear that listens.

A special big shout out to goes to Zoe Ross who has been an absolute superstar; she has become my sounding board, my counsellor and my vent buddy. She organises our volunteers on a daily basis, looks after our more vulnerable people; when I have a crazy idea, she is the one that makes it happen (like our secret Easter bunny).

Every Batman needs his Robin and Zoe is mine.

For all the others who have have done equally amazing jobs in what they have been asked to do - I’ll list as many of you as I can on this post and then those of you who who have done something either through WeAreKnutsford or just through the kindness of your heart - thank you.

Street leaders shoppers drivers leaflets let’s get you all to post below.

You are all amazing and I’m sorry if I miss your name :

Andrew Malloy
Fiona Mcall
Sue Wreglesworth
Helen Brownlie
Kayla Sellors
Suzie Mathewson
Amanda Newton
Sandra Curties
Stuart Willis
Sarah Cheesman
Susan Hopper
Steve Elstone
Derek Wynne
Ian Robertson
Ruth Nuttall
Quentin Abel
Becky Stott
Matt Ellis
Rachael Boyden
Rachel Reyer
Caroline Cove
Max Gattie
Nicola Arnell
Alison Wates
Ali Umpleby
Helen Rogers
Erika Mills
Victoria Bartley
Harriet Alexandra
Joely Garland
Wendy Morrison
Lisa Barcroft-Lee
Louise 'Ouissi' Gresty
Fiona K Weston
Sue Andrews


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