Mar 19, 2020

COVID-19 support group

Knutsford residents praised by COVID-19 support group for community spirit


Article featured in the Knutsford Guardian:

EVERY house in Knutsford is due to receive a brochure this weekend giving details of the new support group - We Are Knutsford - COVID-19 response team.

The group is the brainchild of Claire Sawyer, and is set to launch its website,, today (Thursday).

Claire said on the group's Facebook page: "You can contact us on Facebook, but also you can - tag us on Twitter #Weareknutsford.

"We will have our hotline numbers ready to launch tomorrow (Thursday) so there’s is a single number with a local friendly trained up person to call for whatever help you need 24/7.

"Our brochure is being printed and will be delivered to every house in knutsford this weekend with your help In Operation Flyer - we will need lots of help on Saturday.

"Our friends at The Welcome and food bank have been inundated with food, but keep giving, as we have already seen a surge in demand and with your help we are already feeding more people across the town and this number will grow.

"The most amazing diverse and caring people live in this town. I’m so proud of how everyone has pulled together here.

"I know that things will get a lot worse before they get better, and we have tough days ahead.

"But let me tell you that this town is ready for it and I know we will we get through all this together.

"Because of all of you, no-one in this town should feel alone or anxious or be without food or hope. Keep looking out for each other and stay safe."


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