Mar 18, 2020

Tatton MP praises community spirit

Tatton MP praises community spirit during coronavirus pandemic

TATTON MP Esther McVey has praised communities for coming together to support each other during the current coronavirus pandemic – as she prepares to help deliver supplies to those most in need.

Article taken from the Knutsford Guardian:

Ms McVey said the community spirit shown by people across the area was exceptional and an example of how strong local communities across Cheshire were.

She said: “In 2017 when I stood to become your local MP it was one of the first things I noticed, the overwhelming sense and pride in communities and how everyone helps each other out, takes time to check on neighbours and come together to ensure everyone is OK.

“Once again, our communities are showing amazing fortitude and spirit and working together to ensure we protect the most vulnerable in society.

“It can affect anyone, and we will have some usually very fit and healthy people being told to self-isolate so we need to make sure they do not feel cut off and marginalised or forgotten as they do not fall into the at risk category.

“In some cases individual roads are setting up WhatsApp groups, so the level of support is really being drilled down to the most local of levels.

“The current situation we find ourselves is a very difficult one with much uncertainty for so many people, but it is heart-warming to see people coming together to try and get through it as best we can.


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