Apr 08, 2020

We Are Knutsford Lockdown Video

Simon Phillips is making a compilation video of 'We Are Knutsford' members in lockdown.


It looks like we could all be living in lockdown for a bit longer so it would be really great to put together some uplifting online video content. Simon Phillips will put it all together and he aims to get this up online over the next few weeks. Of course this will all to be UGC (user generated content), i.e provided by you! Obviously once posted this can be shared with friends and family near and far.

Please send Simon your video content of having fun at home – this can be in the garden, playing in the house, a bit of baking, playing instruments, a shout out for any community heroes etc – you name it as long as it’s fun and suitable.

Everyone is included – young and old – even get your pets in if you want.

The videos will be cut into several little films etc and we can show the world that 'We Are Knutsford'.

Any queries please email me at simonphillips2020@outlook.com

The rules are:

1) Please keep videos short 30” – 45” if possible.

2) Please shoot these in landscape on your phone – not portrait.

3) Save any clips to your phone and then email – don’t send via social media – Facebook etc does clever stuff to video to keep files very small that then makes it impossible to expand. Emailing off your device should keep it at it’s full resolution and then I can upload everything to WeAreKnutsford’s homepage.

4) Please email to me at simonphillips2020@outlook.com

5) If files are too big to email use [https://wetransfer.com](https://wetransfer.com/) it’s free, safe and easy. Just drag your clips onto the page, pop in my email address and it’s good to go. File limit is 2GB (which is huge!)

6) Finally, this is important, Simon will also be posting a simple release form. Every submission must be accompanied by this completed form. No form, no video. We have to be sure that whoever is featured in these videos have given their permission (or their parents/guardians).

So let’s keep this positive, creative and most importantly fun.

Get your thinking heads on and your camera phones out.


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